Creative Intelligence for Consuming Experience

Creative Intelligence for Consuming Experience

Discover and focus on your most valuable customers

Know who your customers are

Gather insights about your customers' demographics

Identify ideal customers

Discover high-intent customers and the best channel to reach them

See the trends

As the time goes, how do customers react differently to your market campagins?

Integration with your existing tools

Integration with your e-commerce and marketing solutions gives your team a central reference to the pipeline

Products & Services

Product & Consumer Research

Shopify App - Customer Demographics

Review Analysis for Amazon Products

Generative AI - Content Generation with LLM(Large Language Models)


We are a team of entrepreneurs, marketers and software engineers with a global vision.

Jinru Wu


Katie Wang

Head of Business Development

Akira Chang

Data Engineer



5G, Building A Jiafa Mansion, 129 Datian Road, Shanghai, China 200041


+86 173 2105 8054

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